• Captian Aric Blacktree

    Captian Aric Blacktree

    Mysterious captain of Breland. Wears insignia of the King's Citadel. Ordered the attack on the monastery and killed Vangeon Smilebeard
  • Major Bren ir'Gadden

    Major Bren ir'Gadden

    Lead the Brelish forces at the monastery tower battle.
  • Phinneas


    Half-Elf Mage who works for Captain Aric Blacktree. Bears the insignia of the King's Wands (of Breland). Pretended to be friendly with Vangeon so he could learn to operate the war machine.
  • Pizo the Lorekeeper

    Pizo the Lorekeeper

    Ancient dwarf lorekeeper of Dax's monastery. Student of the draconic prophecy. Knows some healing magic.
  • Professor Dureth Medani

    Professor Dureth Medani

    This is the professor who stood up with old Pizo at the ceremony. He is human, dragonmarked, of house Medani. He is based out of Morgrave U, where he studies the Draconic Prophecy.
  • Vangeon Smilebeard

    Vangeon Smilebeard

    (Deceased) Old gnome wizard, mentor of Belfire Pinfinger. Refused to fire his magic war machine on the peaceful monks and was killed by Capt. Aric Blacktree.