Prophecy War

Session 2

After the battles around the destruction of Dax and Pizo’s tower, Dax, Pizo Lorekeeper, and Hazel Redclaw had escaped into the Gloaming, the haunted forest in which Hazel had grown. Hazel escorted the monks to Greenheart, a community deep in the Towering Wood that covers most of the Eldeen Reaches, far from the front lines of the war. There they parted ways; Hazel having discharged her inherited debt and the monks numb with grief over the deaths of their colleagues.

Having escaped the Brelanders, Belfire Pinfinger headed North on the road alone. He was stopped by a squad of Wardens who took him prisoner. One of the wardens was a member of the Ashbound- he wanted to smash Belfire’s elemental-powered wagon, and Belfire himself, to “free the enslaved spirits within.” The Wardens held Belfire for ransome, which was paid two months later by relatives of Vangeon Smilebeard.

The razorclaw shifter Hazel Redclaw joined the Ashbound. They are an Eldeen Reaches-based group of mostly druids, wardens, and other primal characters who fear that arcane magic out of control is destroying or will destroy Eberron. They point to the Mourning. They are generally feared and reviled as terrorists. They oppose using elementals to power devices, and sometimes destroy lighting rail lines or airships. Some also call for the destruction of all warforged.

Dax and Pizo relocated to Sharn to found a new monastery. They made little progress for the first months until Pizo met with Professor Dureth Medani (Dragonmarked Member of House Medani) over their shared interest in the Draconic Prophecy. The apparently well-connected Dureth arranged for a position for Pizo at the famed Morgrave University and a very generous salary, enabling Pizo and Dax to save up for and purchase a section of a tower in Upper Dura.

The ever-generous Professor Dureth Medani sponsored a party to celebrate the immanent opening of Dax and Pizo’s new facility, and to honor Hazel and Belfire for their part in saving the two monks. Belfire Pinfinger’s invitation found him through Zangeon Smilebeard’s family, with whome Belfire is still close. Since Hazel Redclaw had gone underground, Dureth paid to have scribes put up flyers around Greenheart inviting her. It wasn’t long before one of her Ashbound friends found one of the flyers and brought it to her. Belfire rode his magic wagon to Sharn to attend the event. Hazel, lured by the promise of a gift but cautious, arrived at the event in disguise.

The ceremony began on a rooftop above Morgrave University in Upper Central in Sharn. In addition to Professor Dureth Medani, Pizo Lorekeeper, Dax, and Hazel Redclaw (in diguise), there were about a dozen scholars interested in the Draconic Prophecy or monastic traditions from the university, mixed with a couple of young aspirants who hoped to train in the new monastery, and a couple of caterers with drinks and snacks. It was an uncharacteristically sunny day in Sharn (where is often rains). Dureth, Pizo, Belfire, and Dax stood on a balcony overlooking a lower floor where most of the attendees stood or leaned against the fountain, listening to the speeches, when a horrible scream sounded from the room underneath the balcony.



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